CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PENDING SUDBURY Notice: If you or a loved one was treated by Chiropractor Dr. Brosseau for a medical condition other than a Chiropractor issue and died or is dying of cancer or another misdiagnosed illness please be aware that a lawsuit is now in the makings. Three patients have now recently died under his care. He was treating one patient for thirty years, extorting her for money for treatments and medications for heavy metal poisoning when in fact she had Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Brain Cancer! She passed away in May 2018. Another woman was being treated by Dr. Brosseau for hemerobiids when in fact she had Colon, Brain, and Heart Cancer and just died of a result of mistreatment and wrong diagnosis. Dr. Brosseau brainwashes desperate patients into believing he has the cure for whatever ails them. He then proceeds to take all their money beyond their rent for medications and appointment fees. “Dr. Brosseau did the same thing to my friend,” says Karen. “He totally brainwashed her and convinced her that her problem was hemorrhoids and convinced her he was helping her. When in fact she had Brain, Colon, and Heart Cancer!” In another case a son says, "My mom died on the 9th July. I discovered my mom was seeing a chiropractor for her thyroid and hemroids. He had her stop taking her prescription medication for depression and anxiety and kept increasing his visits and his fees. When she became too sick to get out of bed he came to my parents apartment to perform and collect." In all three cases Dr. B, as he’s called by his patients, was draining both these patients of even their food money every month, and rarely if ever doing tests, scans, or other forms of diagnosis. If this sounds familiar to you and you know someone who died or is now diagnosed with cancer after being treated by Chiropractor Dr. Brosseau of Sudbury, please contact Georgie Hanson at [email protected]

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