Grace For Galilee Fundraiser

Galilee Gervais is 2 years old and in the past 2 weeks has been through more than many adults in a lifetime. He's been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer: Neuroblastoma. 

This means he will spend what is likely the next year of his life in a hospital, undergoing the most intense chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery his little body is capable of taking. And it all starts today.   

A. Whole. Year.

To make matters worse (as if you can imagine such a thing), because of Covid-19 precautions he's not allowed to have any visitors during treatment. Only his mother, Ashley Gervais, and his grandfather, Guy Gervais.  That's it.

Here's how you become a soldier for Gal: Ashley will be away from her home for the majority of the year, staying at the Ronald McDonald House while Galilee is treated at Sick Kids in Toronto. Aside from the fact that her OTHER 2 CHILDREN won't see much of her in that time, there are some very serious expenses that will be incurred by her being by Gal's side. 

We, as a family, ask for YOUR HELP in minimizing the burden. Any donation, small or large, will go directly to Ashley so she can stay in the city and offer as much love and familiarity to Galilee as possible. These funds can be donated starting now, and would be more helpful than you could imagine.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, and in exchange for your financial support we'd like to keep you updated on Galilee's ongoing battle to kick cancer's a**. We'll be posting exclusive updates on social media with direct links to this GoFundMe page. These will come directly from Galilee's Mama. 

We thank you in advance for your support. Let's win this war, together.

To donate, visit Grace For Galilee GoFundMe page

Visit and like our Facebook page below.

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