WINE GLASS PAINTING September 15 3:00pm Decorate your wine glass using one of our designs, or customize your own glass using your own creativity! We will guide you through some tricks and tips to help you leave with a masterpiece you are proud of! KIDS! - GLOSSY SLIME September 17 6:00pm Make slime using household ingredients. Kids get to choose their own colour and sparkles. Bring a small action figure from home to add to your slime! Class runs for about an hour but depending on the aptitude of your child the project can be finished sooner or later. CEMENT PLANTERS September 21 7:00pm Make & Mold your own planters using concrete. Wait as your planter dries, and then finish off by using acrylic paint to decorate. PAINT POURING ON CANVAS September 26 7:00pm Use acrylic paint and pouring medium on an 16x20 canvas. Learn the ‘dirty pour’ technique and how to create cells! Your finished piece will be one-of-a-kind and make the perfect trendy piece of art for your home or office! P.A. DAY DROP IN September 28 8:30am - 5:30pm Come into the craftery all day and enjoy 3 different crafts and a trip to memorial park! Children must come with a lunch.

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