Yummy Eatery in Val Caron Ontario

L's Kitchen & Catering @Lskitchenandcatering at 2987 Old Hwy 69 (8.16 mi)
Val Caron, Ontario P3N 1E1 ( the old Manoir Hotel in Val Caron)


Quality service, incredibly fresh and tasty dishes, and inexpensive.   Amazing family owned and operated kitchen style restaurant with lots of character and charm.  My friend and I sat through a 2.9 magnitude earthquake and didn't even tweet it because the service and the food was so delightful at the time that an earthquake didn't even phase us.  You can find them on Facebook as they post their daily specials.  They also have a take-out menu.  Food was served hot and the wait time for fresh hot food was around 15 minutes.  The salads were served in chilled bowls almost immediately and they were freshly made.  The table was clean and the utensils were spotless.  The glasses were sparkling and the dishes were hot to touch.  Salt and pepper shakers were filled and not greasy.  The chef aka "Mom" as stated by server came to the table to ensure our food was to our liking and was quite personable with a sweet disposition.  The server aka "the son" was quite communicative and honest when asked several questions regarding the restaurant and the food.  He was polite and attentive, providing a pitcher of cold water and reasonable time to enjoy our meal without pressure to order or wrap it up.  He rolled out the daily specials upon request and was attentive to all patrons equally.  The best part of having privy to such diamonds in the rough is to realize not everyone has found them as of yet.   We stumbled upon this little gem of a kitchen while looking for another restaurant.  The server was quick to point out that eating there would be far more delightful and he was absolutely right!  I recommend L's Kitchen & Catering to anyone who knows good food and loves home style cooking.  It isn't trendy in appearance, in fact if you were a Manoir patron back in the 80s, you may sense the original owner is still behind the bar. 

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